What's New in Cloudera Enterprise 6.0: The Inside Scoop

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Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 is a major upgrade to its modern platform for machine learning and analytics, with significant advances in productivity and enterprise quality, showcasing a huge number of innovations. Compute resources have been optimized to maximize performance and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO.) Open-source projects have been updated and tightly integrated, including Apache Spark data science, Apache Kafka streaming data pipelines, Apache Kudu operational database, and Apache Solr search. And scalability, security, governance, and management capabilities have all been enhanced to provide the safest and easiest enterprise-grade platform to power analytics in your business.

Together, these new capabilities provide the safest and easiest enterprise-grade platform to power machine learning and analytics in businesses across cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises deployments using the same platform regardless of where data resides. As the mission critical workloads in large enterprises rely on Cloudera, these efforts provide confidence in executing on successful analytics initiatives.

Date: June 14, 2018
Time: 10am PT / 1pm ET