BARC Score: Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

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The BARC Score document evaluates enterprise BI and analytics platforms that are able to fulfill a broad set of BI requirements within the enterprise. IBM was named a leader in the market, covering a broad range of BI technologies and services within the enterprise. IBM is top ranking in market execution is based on factors such as customer satisfaction and product strategy.

Based on countless data points from The BI Survey and many analyst interactions, vendors are rated on a variety of criteria, from product capabilities and architecture to sales and marketing strategy, financial performance and customer feedback. IBM was rated as having one of the most functionally rich and capable BI portfolio in the industry and ahead of competitors such as SAP, Qlik, Microsoft and Tableau. IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Watson Analytics, IBM SPSS, IBM DSX were included in the evaluation.

Onderwerp: Business Intelligence, Analytics
Publicatie datum: 1 september 2017
Bedrijfsnaam: Barc
Auteur: Barc
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01-09-2017  |   PDF

BARC Score: Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

01-09-2017  |   PDF

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