An IT Leaders' Guide to Jumpstarting the Cloud Data Warehousing Journey

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Data warehousing has evolved. Conventional, on-premises data warehouses are simply unable to provide the agility, elasticity or pay-as-you-go efficiency that today's businesses and analytics use cases demand. But replacing an established on-premise EDW is not as simple as moving tables from point A to point B; the move to cloud data warehousing requires an incremental, well-governed approach to rapidly deliver business results while ensuring minimal disruption to existing applications and analytic workloads.

During this webinar, Joe Yong, Senior Product Manager, of Microsoft and Rik Tamm-Daniels, Senior Director of Strategic Cloud and Big Data Alliances, of Informatica will discuss:
Benefits and challenges of moving to cloud data warehousing.
Customer examples focused on best practices.
How to build the business case for moving to a cloud data warehouse model with Azure.

11 am PT / 2 pm ET