Cloudera Training Tapas: Data Science Workbench

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Are you a Data Consultant, Data Engineer, Data Scientist or an Analyst and interested in using a modern Big Data platform? In that case, the Cloudera Training Tapas Series are right for you. We promise you no "dead by powerpoint" moments but lively interaction and a Hands-On Workshops.

Anchormen and Cloudera invite you to join the free hands-on Workshop on March 29, in Amsterdam.

Machine learning is all about the data, but it's often out of reach for analytics teams working at scale. Cloudera Data Science Workbench enables fast, easy, and secure self-service data science for the enterprise.  We will help you accelerate data science from exploration to production using R, Python, Spark and more.

March 29
from 13:00 till 17:00
Food and drinks will be provided.

Anchormen office Amsterdam
Pedro de Medinalaan 11
1086 XK Amsterdam)