5 Hot Trends for Data and Analytics in 2018

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Join us for our upcoming webinar, 5 Hot Trends for Data and Analytics in 2018, to learn how top technology trends should be prioritized for the new year. You'll see what is gaining steam or slipping in importance in terms of ability to deliver business outcomes.

We'll explore:
• The Internet of Things Takes Off – Beyond the big data hype to the rise of real-world IOT use cases
• The Enhanced Power of Embedded Analytics – How embedded analytics is driving better UX across organizations
• Predictions, not “Predictive” – Why, ironically, you won’t see analytics in the best implementations of predictive analytics
• Real Artificial Intelligence – AI goes mainstream, but maybe not how you'd expect
• Data Monetization for a Happy CFO – New opportunities to help you make money or save money with data  

December 14  
16:00 PM

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