A Practical Approach to a Secure, Governed 360 View

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The race is on to achieve GDPR compliance by May 2018, and it's time to get practical about operationalizing your data management and governance.

This next webinar in our GDPR series shows you how to create a 360 view of your customers with consent management, rights of the data subjects and more on a modern data platform that runs on premises, in the cloud or both. A complete customer or employee data picture that complies with the principles and controls of GDPR also lays a foundation for trustworthy, data-driven relationships.

Join Cloudera and Talend to learn how to:
• Operationalize GDPR compliance in 5 steps
• Drive accountability and share personal data with a 360 degree view of your customer
• Store personal data in a scalable, cost effective Enterprise Data Hub
• Track and trace, reconcile, protect, and anonymize personal data
• Allow customers and employees to control their personal data in a single portal

19 December 2017
10:00-11:00 AM BST
11:00-12:00 AM CET