Cox Automotive: data sells cars

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No fewer than 80% have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy with the aim of improving efficiency, driving innovation and becoming more agile. Though it's clear that insight into the data they hold is going to help them get there, many organisations find themselves at a crossroads. Big data, machine learning, data science: these are all initiatives every company knows they should take on in order to evolve their business, yet few know how to tackle the projects for successful outcomes.

Cox Automotive started its digital transformation and, with that, its big data journey more than two years ago. Today and under the guidance of Allison Nau, Cox Automotive has tamed its data flows using a variety of tools and techniques to deliver actionable insight, transforming decision-making within the automotive industry and enabling new business models and savings.

Date: 5 December 2017
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 GMT