O’Reilly Report: The Internet of Things Market

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To find out the state of the IoT and Big Data markets, the O’Reilly team analyzed 300 TB of text and billions of digital documents—search queries, meetups, hiring patterns, SEC filings, websites, and more. The results—based on a big-data analysis of true market activity, not just speculation—are  surprising and exciting.

Download your complimentary copy to find out:
• Of the 2,000 companies that have adopted IoT, who made the top 50?
• Which uses cases are making the biggest gains? (Hint: not the ones we expected!)
• How IoT and Big Data adoption rates compare across industries and geos.

Onderwerp: IoT, Big Data
Publicatie datum: 1 maart 2017
Bedrijfsnaam: Talend
Auteur: Aman Naimat, O’Reilly
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01-03-2017  |   PDF

O’Reilly Report: The Internet of Things Market

01-03-2017  |   PDF

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