The Five Essential Aspects of Narrative Reporting

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Reporting is vital to decision-making. However, most organizations struggle to produce meaningful reports that aid in the decision-making process. While they throw numerous cross-department teams at the problem or embark on yet another technology initiative, year after year organizations continuously labor through the reporting process, delivering bland, formulaic reports that provide little decision-making value.

Reporting often falls short of expectations because decision-makers are asking increasingly sophisticated questions about complex data. It's a two-part problem:
1 The answers to tough questions require deep subject matter expertise that few developers possess; the person who understands the problem isn't the one authoring the report.
2 Most reports are fundamentally descriptive; they lack the analytic sophistication and narrative context that provides deeper insight into complex business problems.

Today's organizations need a modern analytics solution that makes it easy for all types of users to produce and distribute analytics reporting throughout the organization. In this 45-minute webinar, presented by Pyramid Analytics’ John Hormaechea and Chris Brock, we examine the five key aspects of narrative reporting, and why they are essential to the decision-making process.

Thursday: April 20th, 2017     
PDT 8:00 a.m     
EDT 11:00 a.m     
CET 5:00 p.m.