How to Setup and Manage a Corporate Self Service Analytics Environment

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As companies face the challenges arising from a surge in the number of customer interactions and data, it can be difficult to successfully manage the vast quantities of information and still provide a positive customer experience. It is incumbent upon businesses to create a consumer-centric experience that is powered by (predictive) analytics.
Adopting a data-driven approach through a corporate self-service analytics (SSA) environment is integral to strengthening your data and analytics strategy.

During the webinar, speakers Ronald van Loon & Ian Macdonald will:
•Expand upon on the benefits of a corporate SSA environment
•Define how your business can successfully manage a corporate SSA environment
•Present supportive case studies
•Demonstrate practical examples of analytic governance in an SSA environment using BI Office from Pyramid Analytics.
•Discuss practical tips on how to get started
•Cover how to avoid common pitfalls associated with a SSA environment

Stay tuned for a Q&A with speaker Ronald van Loon and domain expert Ian Macdonald, Principal Technologist, Pyramid Analytics.

Live online Feb 14 10:00 am Netherlands - Amsterdam
or after on demand 45 mins