Self-Service Analytics – Making the Most of Data Access

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Organizations today are supercharged by data, but most only analyse a fraction of what they collect. Find out how self-service analytics is building a data-driven culture across a range of companies.
In this O’Reilly report author Sandra Swanson examines:
• How more data access to more people allows business users to work with data and create their own customized analyses.
• The challenge of balancing greater data access with security, data governance, and siloed data stores.
• How tech companies (Yahoo), governments (City of Chicago), and retailers (Warby Parker) manage self-service analytics in practice.

Onderwerp: Data Preparation, Analytics, Data Integratie, Selfservice
Publicatie datum: 15 januari 2016
Bedrijfsnaam: Talend
Auteur: Sandra Swanson, O’Reilly
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15-01-2016  |   PDF

Self-Service Analytics – Making the Most of Data Access

15-01-2016  |   PDF

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