O’Reilly Report: Data Science for Modern Manufacturing

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The next great industrial revolution is coming, and it’s being driven by the application of big data, IoT, and cloud technologies to manufacturing and supply chains.
“Data Science for Modern Manufacturing”, a new O’Reilly report, cuts through the hype and identifies the trends and technologies that matter.
• Find out how the IoT generates more data than ever in every step of the industrial process.
• Discover how leading companies turn massive data sets into actionable information.
• Get the facts on initiatives in China and Germany to support modernization and optimization.
• Learn why open source and cloud-based technologies form the backbone of the digital industrial revolution.

Onderwerp: IoT, Big Data
Publicatie datum: 10 juni 2016
Auteur: Li Ping Chu, O’Reilly
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10-06-2016  |   PDF

O’Reilly Report: Data Science for Modern Manufacturing

10-06-2016  |   PDF

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