A 16 Step Data Governance Plan for GDPR Compliance

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When GDPR takes effect in May 2018, data governance may become one of the most important elements of your data integration architecture.
Whether personal data comes from an online form, a business partner, an internal CRM or HR system, or your data lake, if it concerns an EU resident, it falls under GDPR. A strong data governance program ensures that you have the policies, standards, and controls in place to enforce compliance.

This white paper by data governance expert Sunil Soares provides a practical approach for compliance, including how to:
• Map the critical data elements across your datasets using metadata
• Foster accountability with data stewardship workflows
• Establish a data lake with native data quality to process consents and data subject rights
• Track and manage data with audit trails and data lineage

Onderwerp: Data Governance, GDPR, data stewardship, privacy regulation, compliance, metadata, data lake
Publicatie datum: 3 juli 2017
Bedrijfsnaam: Talend
Auteur: Sunil Soares (Information Asset), Jean-Michel Franco (Talend)
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03-07-2017  |   PDF

A 16 Step Data Governance Plan for GDPR Compliance

03-07-2017  |   PDF

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